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Non Denominational, Fundamental and Friendly, New Testament Patterned Assembly
"And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers." Acts 2:42

Calendar of Events

Highlights for the month of February 2021(current week events below)

  Our Sunday morning 11:15 meeting will be moved indoors, and we will be doing that starting Sunday, October 25th. This will allow us to avoid colder temperatures outside and to work out any unforeseen issues accompanying meeting indoors. We recognize that meeting indoors is riskier than being outside, but believe that it is the Lord's timing for us to make this move. This meeting will also be live streamed.
  We will be live streaming the 11:15am and 7:00pm services on our Home page and SHBC YouTube channel.
  We plan to meet online each Wednesday for our Wednesday Evening Prayer and Ministry via "Zoom" at 7:00pm
  Information on accessing any of the online meetings will be emailed to you
  If you would like to recieve emailed prayer lists and up-to-date chapel related news/events contact Mark Shelley -
Please check-out the online Bulletin Board for more information and other events

Events for the current week of: February 28 - March 6

Healthcare workers and first responders, including Shannon Allen, Sarah Bertrand, Jamie Golob, Melissa Greeson, Kaye Ann Hamilton, Pam Hawks, Amanda Mboumien, Peggy Poe, Rose Poulose, Emily Puglisi, Brantley Preston, Samantha Robertson, Sarah Whittemore, Sara Whittemore, Sarah Williams, Brian Williams, Mark Armfield, Jason Deloye, Brian Maness, Jonathan Murdock, Ben Roughton, Mark Westmoreland, Dillon Whittemore, Nikki Williams
February 28.....9:30am.....We plan to meet for the Lord's Supper via "Zoom"
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February 28.....11:15am.....This meeting will start to stream "Live" at 11:05am on our Home page with ministry from God's Word
February 28.....11:15am.....Speaker: Rex Trogdon - at the chapel with ministry from God's Word.
February 28.....7:00pm.....Speaker: Rex Trogdon
March 3.....7:00pm.....Wednesday Evening Prayer and Ministry via "Zoom"

Looking Ahead into 2020(in the Lord's will)

The Rapture.....Any day!

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